About Us

Established in Danforth in 1989, Concordway’s storefront went online in 2000 when the market shifted and consumer demand changed. We listened, and we’re still excited about our online shop today! Our aim is to use our presence to become a household name, spanning across North America and beyond.

Our select furnishings range from ready-to-ship to Canadian custom-made. We are your source for affordable, eye-catching furniture for just about any room in your home.
Our clients know we will take care of their needs before and after they purchase one of our products! With a strong commitment to ensuring high-quality merchandise and 24/7 customer service, you’ll be coming back for more.

As making those big purchases online becomes easier and easier, more people are turning to virtual stores like this one: take your time to decide, we’re in no rush!

Reasonably priced. Durable. Just what you looking for.
It’s the Concordway.